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Our online shop www.soundcast.gr is now, officially, at your disposal, inviting you to make your online purchases. Before browsing our website www.soundcast.gr and proceeding with your purchases, we would like you to spend some time reading its terms of use. These terms relate to the protection of your personal data and the necessary safety of your transactions, as well as all the stages of your products’ order, which are: presentation, sales, packing, transfer, delivery and any possible return.

Browsing www.soundcast.gr, as well as making any transactions and/or contact with our company means you have unconditionally accepted the terms governing our website. In the event that you do not fully agree or wish to object to a part or to the entirety of the present terms, you can do so by communicating your request through an e-mail at info@oceanicblue.gr.

At this point, we would like to inform you that our Company has the right to amend, renew or upgrade at any given time and in any way deemed necessary, without any prior information or notification to the consumer/user/member of its website www.soundcast.gr:

i. A part of or the entire present terms

ii. The content, the interface, the structure or the configurations, as well as the technical specifications of the website www.soundcast.gr

iii. The cancellation, suspension or termination of the website www.soundcast.gr


Our e-shop www.soundcast.gr offers every web user the possibility to choose and purchase through a variety of unique portable Bluetooth speakers, as well as their accessories. The presentation of the products to the consumers through www.soundcast.gr, exclusively depends on the Company’s judgement, as well as their renewal or their withdrawal, whenever desired and for any reason deemed necessary without any prior warning.

Finally, the Company’s invoicing policy and the methods used to promote sales, through offers and/or discounts, is exclusively determined by the Company and it has the right to amend them, whenever desired, without any warning in any way.


Through the co-operation of the supplier and the manufacturer abroad, www.soundcast.gr is in position to offer unique and special products at the most competitive prices in the market.

Orders are completed through the procedure described in detail below, since in rare occasions and for reasons that might come up, and which are out of our control, a product might appear available in our website, when it is, in fact, unavailable or not possible for it to be delivered within the timeframe indicated on www.soundcast.gr. Therefore, in order to be fully informed on the progress of your order and be protected from such cases, your order is completed by following these steps:

(1) Send Order Request:

We suggest that prior to making your first order request, you should register as a user of www.soundcast.gr, so that the service provided by our e-shop gets easier, faster and more adequate.

i. choose the products you wish, and then put them in the “basket”,

ii. the procedure of submitting your order is initiated, through the indicated steps,

iii. fill out all the information of your order request, in the order form

iv. you will receive an automated message with the details of your order as received by our Company at the e-mail address you have provided in the order form.

Every time you send our Company an order request, you should have previously accepted the current terms of use, which govern the transactions between us, as a whole.

We would like to remind you that your requests are received by our Company under the express reservation of a thorough availability search of the products included in your order request, on the grounds that at the said stage the process of your request has not yet been initiated.

Closing, we would like to guarantee that the collection and process of your personal data, which is only carried out after your explicit consent while submitting the form, is applied in the most secure and diligent manner, since the policy governing our Company in relation to personal data protection is particularly strict.

(2) Process of Order Request:

At present, our Company checks the availability of all the products indicated on your order form in detail. More specifically:

i. In the event of availability of all the products indicated in your request within the delivery timeframe, which appears in our e-shop, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address you had provided us with and it will include all of your order’s details. The shipping of the products will be made according to the delivery timeframe of the courier company we work with.

ii. In the event that one or some of the products you have ordered are unavailable or in case that one or more of the products will not be available within the estimated time of delivery, then the employee in charge will contact you over the phone, in order to arrange for a possible amendment or cancellation of your order request. If the communication over the phone is not successful, we will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address you had provided us with, so that you can contact us.

iii. If for any reason, none of the two communication methods is achieved within 10 days from your order request, then your request shall be automatically cancelled, and you should send a new order request.

iv. Following our communication, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your new order to the email address you had provided us with during the completion of the order form. The shipping of the products will be made according to the delivery timeframe of the courier company we work with.


You can choose one of the proposed methods, offered by our Company, to pay for the products you are interested in.

First, you decide which payment method suits you. Then you choose the relevant payment method at the specified part on the order form and you, finally, type all requested information in. We would like to remind you that our Company follows a very strict policy in relation to the protection of your personal data and all payment details that you send us are collected and processed in full security and diligence and only after your consent, which is given by sending your order request.

i. Cash on Delivery Method.

Payment upon delivery of your order. When the employee of the courier company comes for delivery, you pay the relevant amount. The cash-on-delivery service is free of charge.

ii. Payment with debit/credit card

We accept debit/credit Visa Cards and Mastercards. 100% safe payment.

iii. Payment through deposit in our Bank Account

You have the choice to settle your order through a deposit in our bank account. In such a case, your order will be approved and sent, when our accounting department confirms the deposit. For your better service, please mention your order reference in the transfer of the amount.


Along with your order confirmation, our Company will inform you of the delivery time of the products you have chosen, which depends on the area to which you wish the products to be shipped.

Your order will be sent by our Company with ACS Courier during working days and hours (Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00). Based on the delivery timeframe of the Courier Company we use, deliveries are realized as follows:

i. Within Attica, in 2 (two) working days from the moment your order is registered in our e-shop and the cost is differentiated according to the product: VG1: 2,50 €, VG3: 2,50 €, VGtx: 2,50 €, VG5-VG7-VG7SE please contact us.

ii. to all other land destinations within 2 (two) working days from the moment your order is registered in our e-shop and the cost is differentiated according to the product: VG1: 2,50 €, VG3: 2,50 €, VGtx: 2,50 €, VG5-VG7-VG7SE please contact us.

iii. to the Greek islands, within 3 (three) working days from the moment your order is registered in our e-shop and the cost is differentiated according to the product: VG1: 2,50 €, VG3: 2,50 €, VGtx: 2,50 €, VG5-VG7-VG7SE please contact us.

iv. to destinations that are difficult to access, within 5 (five) working days from the moment that your order is registered in our e-shop and the cost is differentiated according to the product and following a communication with our Company.

v. for purchases made from Cyprus, the shipping cost is at least 20,00 €. For the exact shipping cost, as well as the exact delivery date, please contact us.

Cash on delivery is offered free of charge on all our products.

For purchases over 500,00 € to be collected from our warehouse, and after contacting us, the amount needs to be pre-paid either by card or through a transfer or deposit in our Company’s bank account.

Our Company holds a bank account at the following banking institution:



Account Number: 0026.0255.33.0200628916

IBAN: GR3702602550000330200628916


As of January 1st, 2017 and based on legislation 4446/22-12-2016 all tax evidence of a total value of 500 (five hundred) Euros or above, issued for the sales of goods to inpiduals or companies, must be settled by their receivers, buyers of the goods, with the use of cards, bank transfers or other electronic means of payment exclusively and the settlement of such evidence cannot be made in cash.

Our Company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or to situations not under our control. Indicatively, but not exclusively, our Company is not responsible for delays in deliveries due to delays in customs office, intermediate warehouses, strikes in the means of transportation or other kinds of strikes, affecting the delivery of the products to our warehouses by our suppliers etc. In any event of a possible delay, our Company will try the outmost to contact you at the details you had made available to us, in order to inform you and confirm the new delivery date or the delivery of a different product.

Although our Company takes every possible measure in order to respond to your need for information regarding the unavailability of a product, there is a possibility of an unexpected shortage or unavailability of the product by our suppliers, even after the confirmation of your order. In such a case, our Company will, again, try to contact you at the details you had made available to us, in order to fully inform you and confirm the new delivery date or the delivery of a different product or, if so desired, the cancellation of your order at no cost for any of the parties involved and for the interest free return of the funds you might have paid, within a reasonable time frame.

In the event that the products you have ordered are not received (and if an inexplicably long time has passed from the date your order was submitted), please inform us the soonest possible at info@oceanicblue.gr. For the best and fastest service, please mention your unique order code, that was sent to the email address you had stated during your order.


Our Company takes all necessary measures, so that the packing of all its products is made with absolute care, so that you can receive them without any damage. Rarely should someone receive a faulty product. In the event that the product is received without you expressing any oppositions, it is considered that the product has been unconditionally accepted by its recipient.

In the event that you receive a faulty product, the change of the product or part of it that is faulty or damaged, can be made at the courier, who made the delivery at no extra cost. In case that you notice faults or damages upon receipt of the product, you can immediately inform us at info@oceanicblue.gr, stating whether you wish for a replacement to be sent to you or if you wish for your order to be cancelled, in which case, any funds you might have paid will be returned to you free of interest.

If you choose for a replacement product to be sent to you, we will promptly get back to you with an e-mail, confirming your new order.


When and how can you cancel your order

i. Prior to the product’s shipping/receipt by e-mailing us at info@oceanicblue.gr or over the phone at +30 210 9588630.


Both our Company and the consumer are bound by the proper and based on good faith and the consumers’ ethics use and operation of the website. In order for your browsing at www.soundcast.gr to be proper and complete, you need to activate JavaScript and cookies in your browser. You, also, need to have installed an Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above, a Mozilla Firefox version over 3.5 or any other equivalent web browser.

We, further, recommend the use of the latest browser versions, as well as Adobe Flash Player for the appearance of additional graphics. The user/ consumer/ member of www.soundcast.gr recognizes and accepts that using certain services of www.soundcast.gr, might imply the download of certain upgraded electronic programs on their computer. The Company has the exclusive right and the consumer irrevocably accepts it to temporarily or permanently cease the operation of www.soundcast.gr with or without any warning to the users/members/visitors of www.soundcast.gr.

In any case the user / consumer / visitor / member takes the responsibility and accepts that www.soundcast.gr will not be used for the distribution, publication, e-mail distribution or transmission in any other way of any illegal, threatening, harmful, insulting, disturbing, slanderous, or obscene content, as well as any other content that forms infringement of someone else’s privacy, that might harm minors in any way, that shows empathy or expresses ethnic, sex or any other discriminations, that violates any patents and that cannot be transmitted according to the law or the conventional or managing relationships (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information what were acquired or revealed as part of work relationships or that fall under confidentiality agreements), trade mark, trade secret, copyrights or other property rights of third parties, that includes software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been designed with the purpose of interruption, cause of harm, destruction or the equipment of the operation of any software or computer material, willingly or unwillingly violating the current Greek and communal laws and legislations, that might cause disturbance to others in any way and any Content that might be used for collection or storage of personal data of other users.

The Company daily attends the correct and accurate publication of all the information regarding the products it promotes and presents on www.soundcast.gr. There is no Company responsibility, however, for errors that might surface in the operation of the e-shop, in the information that are displayed, thereof (such as the price, the availability, the photo, the type etc) that might be caused by technological errors and mistakes, typos and/or human errors and/or false information by the suppliers, even if by neglect.

In the event that you find an error before and/or after the completion of your order, we kindly request that you send us a relevant e-mail at info@oceanicblue.gr and/or contact us at +30 2109588630. In any case, if you find an error, we would advise that you do not proceed with your order request, before receiving information by our Company, clarifying the specific subject.

The commercial strategy of our Company and its pricing policy are in full compliance with the laws and legislations on the protection of competition. The prices of the products sold on www.soundcast.gr might, therefore, differ from other similar products sold at other points of sales, since our Company makes offers or proceeds to other promotional activities from time to time, and whenever deemed necessary to achieve its professional goals.

Our Company has the exclusive right to alter the price of any product, anytime, without reason and without any prior notification.


All our products have a two-year guarantee, the battery has a one-year guarantee and you have the right to replace the products within seven days (D.O.A), in case they do not properly function, when first opened.


The full content of www.soundcast.gr forms the explicit copyright of the Company and is protected by the relevant directives of the current local and international law and of the international agreements on copyrights. Indicatively, copyrights refer to texts, any type of files, logos, layouts of www.soundcast.gr, the programs, the photographs, the designs, the commercial and financial evidence etc. What do not belong in the copyrights of our Company are the copyrights of third parties, such as partners, co-operative parties etc. It is explicitly forbidden to, partly or fully, copy, distribute, reproduce, store, republish, edit, transfer, amend or act in any other way on such evidence, without the prior explicit and written consent of the Company. Any actions going against the above restriction can form offense of the copyrights and industrial property of the Company. The Company reserves all legal rights to claim any direct or consequential damage that might be caused. The Company has the ability of commercial utilization (either by itself or by third parties) of the total material displayed on www.soundcast.gr, as well as the amendment of the said material whenever deemed necessary, with or without any prior notification to the users – consumers – members of www.soundcast.gr, who irrevocably accept the Company’s aforementioned ability.


Our Company makes every possible effort with the goal to receive your full and correct details. Therefore, we bare no responsibility in case that one of its contractual or legal responsibilities are not properly and/or timely fulfilled, due to wrong personal data provided by your part.

More specifically, any notification sent to the e-mail address you had provided us with (e.g. unavailability of a product) will be considered valid, even if it has not been delivered to you due to mistakes in your provided details. The same stands for the contact and shipping address, as well as the contact phone numbers. In any case you must update your contact details, if a change occurs. For your better service and facilitation of your future purchases, we suggest that you sign up as a user during your first order request; during your first order request / visit of our website we suggest that you open an account and create a user profile (full name, gender and date of birth), with your own unique security codes (username and password). While signing up as registered users, our Company has the right and you (as registered users) accept to install a session cookies system solely for your identification, as well as the identification of your transactions, so as to create your history as a customer, which will appear in your personal site and it will only be visible to you. The above session cookies’ sole purpose is to serve your profile’s and transactions’ better management, so that you do not need to state your details every time you visit www.soundcast.gr. Session cookies are immediately deleted as soon as you remove yourself from the registered users.

Our Company only collects the personal data that are absolutely necessary for the execution of transactions with www.soundcast.gr and our communication with you for the completion of these transactions. In any case, you have unhindered access to these data and the right to request the deletion of your data. You can, also, execute any of your rights, specified in articles 11-13 of the legislation 2472/1997. In any case, your data are kept by our Company for as long as you are a registered user of www.soundcast.gr and/or for as long as your transactions are executed and they are deleted as soon as you remove yourself from our registered users and / or your transaction is completed.

Your personal data are exclusively handled by our Company and they are not shared with any third parties, with the only exception of: i) the data that relate to the execution and clearance of the payments made through credit card and ii) the data that are absolutely necessary for the execution of your order by third companies that we work with.

Your entire data are protected and managed according to the terms and legislations of the Greek Law and more specifically of the law 2472/1997, and our Company undeviatingly follows any rule issued under the relevant legal frame. Furthermore, your whole data, details and transactions are governed by the principles of the confidentiality of communication (electronic or not) and of the commercial transactions, and all necessary measures are taken for the protection and the security of their confidentiality during the transmission and/or execution of the transactions.

The user / consumer / member of www.soundcast.gr must ensure the confidentiality of their data and must not proceed to their disclosure to third parties (even by neglect), nor allow the use of their data by third parties. It is, further, suggested that you change your password from time to time. The Company reserves the right for claims against any possible damage, caused by the breach of the users / consumers / members of www.soundcast.gr liabilities. Finally, for the completion of your order request, you accept the receipt of automated or personalized e-mails both directly on your PC, as well as personally to the e-mail address you had made available to us and any phone contact to the numbers you had provided, by employees of our Company.


Our Company sees into taking all necessary measures (encrypting of evidence, etc), relating to the proper security of your personal data and transactions. More specifically, our Company co-operates with Let’s Encrypt, which encrypts any details that the user inputs into a 128bit format for security. The customers’ details are not distributed to third parties and during browsing on our website, they remain encrypted and, therefore, invisible to third, unauthorized parties. The encryption is valid for all stages and all procedures of transactions or sharing of your personal data – details to and from www.soundcast.gr, such as your basket, your wish-list, your personal, registered-user page, the sign-up page, the order form, during the transmission of data to and from the Company etc.

In addition, during the procedure of payment execution, using debit or credit card, your card details are protected by the encryption method of 128bit. The details remain encrypted and are not made available to any third parties. The codes used in your identification are: i) E-mail or Username and ii) Password, which allow you secure access to your personal details, every time you use them.

The sole authorized with access to your personal details is yourself by using the said codes and you are the sole responsible for maintaining their secrecy from third parties. In the event of loss or leek, you must immediately inform us, otherwise our Company shall not be held responsible for the use of your security code by an unauthorized party.

For security reasons, we suggest that you change the above codes from time to time and avoid the use of the same or easily traceable codes, using – if possible – not just letters and numbers, but also symbols when creating your passwords.


The user / consumer / member of www.soundcast.gr explicitly and irrevocably accepts the Company’s absolute right to terminate the use of the access codes for the services of www.soundcast.gr and interrupt the content and information availability of www.soundcast.gr every time that it considers that the present terms are being violated. The Company can, also, partly or entirely terminate, postpone or amend the access to www.soundcast.gr with or without any prior warning to the user / consumer / member of www.soundcast.gr.

In the event that for any reason, including negligence, the Company is not responsible for the interruption on the access to www.soundcast.gr or such access is difficult and/or impossible or/if despite all security measures, viruses or other harmful software is found and transmitted to the terminals of the users / visitors, or if third, unauthorized parties interfere in any way with the content and the operation of the website, making its use difficult or causing problems in its normal operation or by stealing evidence relating to personal data of the customers and registered users of www.soundcast.gr.

Furthermore, the Company bares no responsibility in relation to the consumer’s contact with third parties, who might be advertising themselves on www.soundcast.gr, while it is, also, not responsible for any matter that might surface from any transaction of a commercial nature between the user/member and the third party advertising themselves.

In addition, our Company bares no responsibility, whatsoever, for any claims of legal or civil and/or criminal nature, nor for any damage (positive, special or consequential, which indicatively, but not limitedly, discretional and/or cumulatively suggests loss of profit, data, loss of earnings, monetary compensation etc) by users / consumers / member of www.soundcast.gr or third parties by reason related to the operation or not and to the use or not of www.soundcast.gr and /or to inability of service provisions and/or information that are available by the Company through www.soundcast.gr and/or by any forbidden interference of third parties to products and/or services and/or information that are available through it and/or created security blanks.

In any event, on the condition that one of these reasons is the outcome of proven fraud by the Company, the Company is responsible to cover any possible positive damage of the affected party only, which is directly related and caused by the aforementioned and the Company’s fraud. Likewise, all responsibility limitations outlined in the present terms of use that the user / consumer / member of www.soundcast.gr recognizes and accepts in their entirety, as valid and in compliance with good faith and commercial ethics, stand.


Www.soundcast.gr might include references to websites, for the content and services of which the Company bares no responsibility. The Company does not guarantee the constant and safe access to websites, for which references might exist in www.soundcast.gr. Furthermore, our Company bares no responsibility for the content and the services of these websites and for any problem that might appear while visiting – using the said websites, the user – visitor must address the relevant websites directly, as they are the sole liable for the restoration of the said problem. In no case does the Company accept or adopt the content or the services of the websites and sites to which it refers to, nor should it be considered that it is connected to them in any way.


• Terms Acceptance: The user / consumer / member of the website www.soundcast.gr declares that, having read the present terms, he/she fully accepts them in their entirety, as well as that he/she explicitly and irrevocably and unconditionally recognises that they govern the total of the offered services by www.soundcast.gr, throughout their browsing in the website www.soundcast.gr and/or their transaction with the website.

• Amendment of the Terms of Use: The present terms of use can be amended any time and without reason by the Company, with or without prior notice. Any possible amendment of the terms automatically stands with their upload in the website.

• Term Cancellation: If one of the aforementioned terms is deemed invalid, it does not imply invalidity of the rest of the terms of the present Agreement.

• Delay of rights exercise: Any delay in the exercise of part or of the total of the rights by the parties (Company and consumer), surfacing by the present terms, does not indicate exhaustion or waive of the said right, which can be exercised any time at a later stage, and as per the beneficiary’s discretion.

• Jurisdiction – Applicable Law: For any disputes that might surface in relation to the operation and use of our website, the competent authority is the Courts of the City of Athens, Greece. For any disputes arising by the interpretation and the application of the present terms and conditions, as well as any other matter relating to the use of www.soundcast.gr, the Greek Law applies.